UFI Open Seminar in Malmö: FairMate presents the new business case with Stockholmsmässan for the first time


UFI is the worldwide association for the fair business. Many relevant topics are discussed in regular meetings and conferences to promote the business. This will be the case in Malmö, too. Between 17 and 19 June the representatives of all European trade fair companies will attend the UFI Open Seminar in Malmö to discuss the trends and developments within the market. That is an ideal moment to showcase the newest project by dimedis. Besides the fact that dimedis is one of the sponsors of UFI Malmö, the general manager Wilhelm Halling and the division manager exhibition solutions Klaus Friedrich Meier are keen to have an intensive discussion about topics like visitor management and admission tools for fairs and events. Both invite the participants to learn more about FairMate and the current business case of Stockholmsmässan.


The newest FairMate project with Stockholmsmässan

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The current FairMate project was developed together with Stockholmsmässan after an intense collaboration with many challenges. Stockholmsmässan has modernised its visitor management infrastructure and with the start of the upcoming trade fair Formex FairMate goes full steam ahead. Users may register online and buy tickets for Formex from the FairMate online shop. Formex visitors now are able to use touchscreen service stations to register on site. At Formex, Stockholmsmässan will use FairMate cash points, FairMate Compact and additional mobile handheld scanners for admission. „The cooperation between dimedis and Stockholmsmässan is really intense and includes many departments. We are very happy to see that FairMate was part of the modernisation process to improve the visitor management. FairMate delivers a complete and broad solution integrating registration, ticketing, on site solutions like cash points, self check-in and admission control and in addition tools and statistics for better target marketing. A lot of energy went into this project and we are glad and thankful that we could develop and introduce new features and improvements for FairMate together with our partner Stockholmsmässan“, says Henrik Tonn-Eichstädt, project manager FairMate at dimedis GmbH. 92 touchscreen service stations on site allow for fast and simple self check-in. Stockholmsmässan decided to install 40 FairMate cash points and 10 FairMate Compact to manage the admission. Handheld scanners allow fast, flexible and unrestricted mobile use at any location and are a good addition to the FairMate Compacts.

FairMate Compact im Einsatz
FairMate Compact

New features with the start of Formex

For the Stockholmsmässan project, dimedis has extended the functions of FairMate in many ways. Exhibitors and visitors of the future events, starting with the Formex trade fair, will see new features like new online exhibitor services where exhibitors can register their booth staff, manage invitations and use FairMate’s mobile services like the Lead Tracker App. Furthermore the payment with credit cards at the FairMate cash points is easier and safer than ever thanks to optimized communication between the FairMate system and the card terminal. Fairmate PoS-terminals integrate with the latest standard card terminals ensuring safe and secure card payments.  Stockholmsmässan will invest more to expand the capacity of the FairMate system and to manage all their fairs with FairMate in the future.

Helena Nilsson (Stockholmsmässan)

”We have chosen FairMate because we have understood the advantages of having control over the visitor data from beginning to end, from registration to badge production to admission on site. We can use this data to improve our fairs and to attract the relevant target groups. The functionality that FairMate offers helps us improve our service to satisfy both exhibitors‘ and visitors‘ needs” says Helena Nilsson, marketing & communications director at Stockholmsmässan.




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