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Big data gives the trade fair business a boost

The digital transformation doesn’t stop short of trade fairs and exhibitors. The trade fairs are reacting and are already using technologies such as blogs, social media, apps, and analog and digital screens in their communication. And they have digitalized visitor management and thus collect enormous amounts of data.
Evaluating and visually displaying data is the task of so-called business intelligence (BI) in order to gain insights that can be used to support the company when taking operative and strategic decisions. Using BI, trade fairs are able to answer economic and trade fair-specific questions by systematically linking, evaluating and displaying trade fair data. Key figures and evaluations at specific points of time, during and after the trade fair, in conjunction with target/actual comparisons provide better support for the management in order to improve the quality of operative or strategic decisions.

Trade fairs gather millions of items of data

Trade fairs possess an unbelievable amount of data, which can be considered a hardly exploited treasure. That is why trade fairs are predestined to use big-data analyses and can profit from these in order to better plan their business. The data comes from the registration of the visitors, from shop data, admissions and departures, no-show rates, sociodemographic structural questions (position, company size, business sector, interests), ticket sales, and support requests.
At the trade fair itself the visitors also generate data. Movement data is also available in anonymous form and in compliance with data privacy regulations, not only by accurately counting admissions and departures but also through heat maps of the premises. Furthermore, trade fairs also collect data from exhibitors and can thus provide matchmaking between exhibitors and visitors.
This data can be used more comprehensively. The trade fair company can, for example, search for correlations. Thus, using the anonymized data on visitor movements, it is possible to analyze the probability that a visitor will visit another exhibitor. Ticket and visitor data can be combined and used to produce forecasts. In future, it should be possible to anticipate potential industry-specific developments using predictive analytics.


ISE 2014: dimedis loves high class interactive Digital Signage!

ise_logoOn this years exhibition for the world’s best-attended tradeshow for the professional AV and electronic systems industry in Amsterdam ISE, dimedis presents countless news regarding Digital Signage and wayfinding systems. The primary spotlight falls on interactive coupon systems for shopping malls. From the 4th to 6th of February 2014 dimedis shows the award-winning Digital Signage software kompas as well as the wayfinding system kompas wayfinding at our stand (hall 8, F180). Steles from Arcaden-Shopping-Malls and other direct usage examples grant the visitors a realistic impression of the capabilities of the kompas Digital Signage software. One stele is equipped with the iFeedback tool allowing to quickly gather visitor feedback with ease. Special coup: For the first time dimedis presents the latest version of its Digital Signage software kompas to the public. kompas 7.0 comes with an improved rights management and a new user interface design.

Best Case Arcaden Shopping

Germany’s great distributor of malls mfi management for real estates (Arcaden Shopping) uses Digital Signage in its malls throughout Germany to increase customer loyalty. For that mfi smartly links existing coupon systems with high quality steles equipped with big touch screen displays, a printer, card reader and camera. At the dimedis stand ISE visitors can learn how this system improves communication and connectivity with the customers in shopping malls. The interaction with visitors of shopping malls being the focus of the attention.

kompas in action: interactive Digital Signage in shopping malls

kompas in action: interactive Digital Signage in shopping malls

Interactive digital display window with kompas smart.remote


In the newest version kompas Digital Signage allows even more interaction: using the Smartphone as a remote. In front of a display window viewers can use the QR-Codes on the screen to directly control contents on the display. For example a car dealer can use the screen to display offers for various car offers from which the viewer can pick. The QR-Code opens a mobile website with a simple menu which the viewers can use to pick the topics that interest them. The Digital Signage display then concentrates on showing the relevant contents.


kompas smart.remote: using the Smartphone as a remote

Wayfinding systems at the dimedis stand

Classical Digital Signage aside on one of the steles dimedis also presents the wayfinding system kompas wayfinding. ISE visitors can try out a wayfinding solution for exhibitions and malls at the dimedis stand.
Special about it is the LogoCloud, which dimedis specifically designed for kompas wayfinding, LogoCloud displays the logos of all available shops in the mall as a big, slowly rotating Cloud. Visitors can touch the desire logo causing the rest of the cloud to disappear and the shortest path to the shop to be displayed as animated line.
Every kompas wayfinding terminal calculates the path dynamically based on its own position and orientation; that way the separate terminals can be placed at any position in the mall or exhibition at any time.



iFeedback exclusively at the dimedis stand

One stele at the dimedis stand is going to present the iFeedback software of the company BHM Media Solutions GmbH. Using that, visitors can give feedback quickly and with ease, for example on how they rate the dimedis stand or the exhibition as a whole. That is accomplished by the software asking simple questions which the viewer answers by giving specific amounts of stars like on rating platforms or Amazon.

dimedis at the ISE 2014

Where: Exhibition RAI Amsterdam, hall 8, booth F180
When: 04.02. – 06.02.2014

Author: Ibrahim Mazari

FairMate launches Mobile Shop for trade fairs and events

fairmate_screen_233_39px_72dpiFairMate, the visitor management and ticketing solution made by dimedis, now offers version 1.0 of its new FairMate Mobile Shop. The first customer to put the Mobile Shop through its paces is Messe Düsseldorf, who used it to sell mobile tickets for K 2013 from the 16th to the 23rd of October. Visitors were able to register for the event, choose their tickets and pay for them, all from their mobile device. This shows once again that FairMate is able to cover the entire visitor management process from start to finish – including registration, ticketing, admission control and matchmaking. By introducing mobile payments to this process, dimedis is setting a trend in the trade fair business.

FairMate Mobile Shop

FairMate Mobile Shop 1.0 – registration and ticket sales on the go

Klaus Friedrich Meier, the division manager for trade fairs at dimedis GmbH in Cologne, had this to say regarding the introduction of the FairMate Mobile Shop:

MEIER - FOTO 2 (2)

Klaus Friedrich Meier

„We can observe clear trends in the visitor management for trade fairs: Mobile and Social. 2013 marks the year where mobile devices have outsold their desktop counterparts for the first time; this development reflects on the traide fair business, where powerful and intuitive mobile software solutions are now the center of attention.
That is why FairMate already supports different mobile ticketing solutions such as eTickets via text message or e-mail and the Passbook format. Now, with the FairMate Mobile Shop, we take one step further by introducing a truly mobile ticketing and payment solution. The Mobile Shop offers our customers a new sales channel for tickets that is in the best interests of all trade fair visitors. Prospective buyers can be served almost anywhere, and the Mobile Shop also offers new possibilities for event organizers, such as QR code vouchers that can be scanned on a mobile device and lead directly to the Mobile Shop. We are thrilled to have such an important customer as Messe Düsseldorf on board for the Mobile Shop.“

FairMate at a glance

Author: Ibrahim Mazari

VISCOM 2013: dimedis presents cutting-edge interactive Digital Signage


During this year’s exhibition for visual commication, technology and design – viscom – in Düsseldorf, dimedis will present its latest developments in Digital Signage and wayfinding systems. The big spotlight will fall on interactive coupon systems for shopping malls and the interactive feedback tool iFeedback. From the 7th to the 9th of November, dimedis will present its award-winning Digital Signage software kompas as well as its sister product kompas wayfinding at booth J10 in hall 8A.

Info terminals from the Arcaden-Shopping-Malls and other practical use cases will give visitors to our booth a first-hand impression of the capabilities of our kompas Digital Signage software. In presentations and during a lunch & learn workshop, dimedis will elaborate on the topic of how to succeed with interactive Digital Signage. To further illustrate this point, one of our terminals at viscom will also be equipped with the iFeedback tool for interactive visitor feedback. iFeedback enables you to quickly and easily gather feedback from your customers in order to be able to improve their future experiences.

Best Case Arcaden Shopping

One of Germany’s largest shopping mall operators – mfi management for real estates (Arcaden Shopping) – uses Digital Signage in malls all over Germany to increase customer loyalty. For this purpose, mfi smartly combines existing coupon systems with high-quality info terminals equipped with large touch screen displays, a printer, a card reader and a camera. At the dimedis booth at viscom, you will be able to learn how this system can improve engagement and interaction with shopping mall visitors.


kompas in action: interactive Digital Signage in shopping malls

Interactive digital display window with kompas smart.remote

logo-kompas-smart-remoteThe latest version of kompas Digital Signage offers another new interactive feature: using your smartphone as a kompas remote. In front of a display window, viewers can scan QR codes to directly control the contents on the screen and thus – for instance – choose between one of several special offers or topics to display.

Presentations and a Lunch & Learn

In addition to our booth, dimedis also takes an active part in the supporting programme. Founder and managing director Wilhelm Halling and our division manager for Digital Signage, Patrick Schröder, will hold a presentation on how to succeed with Digital Signage. On Friday, the 8th of November at 11:25am they are going to report on their experience with customers and talk about what details you have to pay attention to in order for the customers to realise the value of interactive offers and make use of them. Wilhelm Halling will also lead a discussion about this topic with anyone interested to join him in his lunch & learn workshop. The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, the 7th of November, in the Speaker’s Corner in hall 8a.

Exclusive: iFeedback at the dimedis booth

One of the terminals at the dimedis booth will be used to demonstrate iFeedback, a customer engagement solution developed by BHM Media Solutions GmbH. Using iFeedback, visitors can give a quick rating of their experience at our booth or on the exhibition as a whole. iFeedback works by asking a small number of short questions that can be answered by giving each question a star rating.

iFeedback (short for „instant feedback“) encourages your customers to rate your service and their use thereof. Using that information, companies can identify patterns, react to possible problems and improve the overall quality of their service.

Wayfinding systems at the dimedis stand

kompas_wayfindingConventional Digital Signage aside, dimedis will also present kompas wayfinding, as seen in shopping malls run by ECE in Oldenburg and Mülheim on Ruhr. Visitors to our booth can try out the wayfinding solution for exhibitions and malls for themselves.

One of the defining features of kompas wayfinding is it’s LogoCloud, which displays the logos of all available shops in the mall in form of a big, slowly rotating pattern. Visitors can simply touch the desired logo, upon which the rest of the cloud will disappear and the shortest path to the selected destination will be shown as an animated line on a floor plan of the location.


Every kompas wayfinding terminal calculates the right path dynamically based on its own position and orientation; that way the terminals can be placed and moved to anywhere in the mall or exhibition at any given time.

Useful links:

Author: Ibrahim Mazari

London Digital Signage Conference: Wilhelm Halling presents interactive Digital Signage in Shopping Malls

logo_overOn the 16th of October 2013, dimedis founder and managing director Wilhelm Halling will hold a talk on the use of Digital Signage in shopping malls at the Digital Signage London Exhibition & Conference. Wilhelm Halling will speak about how interactive Digital Signage can help to boost sales and participation in customer loyalty programs.

mfi Management für Immobilien AG (Arcaden Shopping), one of Germany’s largest operators of shopping malls, uses Digital Signage to improve their visitors‘ loyalty by combining interactive Digital Signage with its existing coupon system. The shopping malls are equipped with info terminals that consist of two touchscreens (one for each side), a printer, a card reader and a camera. Sales discounts and coupons can be issued directly at the terminal either in form of a QR code for mobile devices or as a printout. As a member of the Gold Club, users can sign in at the terminals using their member’s card in order to receive rewards and special offers. This makes Digital Signage a helpful tool to improve customer loyalty and to grow revenue for the participating companies. The software powering the Digital Signage players within the 410 terminals was developed by dimedis, while creative agency SawatzkiMühlenbruch is responsible for the concept and additional content like mini games, news and handling the Gold Club cards.

Wilhelm Halling

digitalsignagelondon_wilhelm1Wilhelm Halling is the founder and managing director of dimedis since its foundation in 1996. He was responsible for the first website of leading European TV station RTL and is also an early visionary of Digital Signage.

dimedis stands for digital media distribution. The software company specializes in web technologies and content management tools as well as Digital Signage solutions and admission systems for trade fairs. The list of customerss using kompas Digital Signage includes British American Tobacco, the Arcaden and ECE shopping malls, Dehner garden centers, HappyBaby baby product stores, the Casino supermarket chain in France, vetipraxTV (Infomercials for veterinarians), and trade fair companies around the world.

Wilhelm Halling worked for several high-profile companies such as Silicon Graphics in the early 90s before he decided to become an entrepeneur. Under his leadership, dimedis has become one of the top Digital Signage companies in Germany. The kompas software has received several awards like the VISCOM Digital Signage Best Practice Awards in 2008 and 2011 and the POPAI Digital Award „Best Digital Media Technology“ in 2011.

Wilhelm Halling on LinkedIn:
Digital Signage in shopping malls:
Wilhelm Halling’s talk in London:

Author: Ibrahim Mazari

dimedis presents new Digital Signage milestone

kompas_DigitalSignageWith the latest version of its Digital Signage solution kompas, software house dimedis presents a new industry milestone. kompas 6.0 comes with full support for HTML5 and markedly improved interactivity thanks to new touchscreen features and easier integration of external content such as interactive kiosk pages. Another prominent new feature is kompas smart.remote, which allows users to interact with the Digital Signage system through their smartphone. With kompas 6.0, dimedis also introduces a new design and CI for its award-winning software.


kompas smart.remote – more interactive Digital Signage!

Wilhelm Halling, founder and managing director of dimedis, had this to say about the latest version of kompas:

WilhelmHalling“kompas 6.0 sets new standards for the industry. It is one of the first Digital Signage solutions to fully support HTML5. dimedis has relied on web technologies from the very beginning; HTML is in our blood and that philosophy has turned out to be the right way. kompas runs in the browser without the need to install any software and it is the ideal tool to manage content across large, nationwide networks efficiently. By directly integrating Adobe Edge Animate with kompas, we have a powerful content and template authoring tool at our disposal. With Adobe Edge Animate, users can create visually appealing, dynamic Digital Signage content based entirely on HTML5. We are proud to offer our customers further improved stability and interactivity with the new version. Interactivity is an ever growing trend in the Digital Signage business and kompas 6.0 is at the forefront of that movement.”

Major new features of kompas 6.0

  • Full support for the current HTML5 specification
  • Integration of Adobe Edge Animate as content and template editor
  • kompas smart.remote – smartphones as remote control for kompas clients
  • Videowall mode, display settings and presets available during initial setup
  • WLAN support available during initial setup
  • Support for PDF and Powerpoint files
  • Further improved handling of faulty content on the player
  • Players running in offline mode can receive content via USB stick
  • Integration of external interactive kiosk content based on HTML5; switch between modes using touch
  • Overlay of navigation bars for kiosk content in Digital Signage mode
  • SMIL player support
  • Media management by location (asset repository)

Further information about HTML5 and the implications for Digital Signage and kompas can be found in this presentation:

HTML5 impacts the Digital Signage industry

  • HTML 5 will dominate the internet
  • Costumers will expect HTML 5 as a standard
  • Digital signage has to use that opportunity
  • Standardization will boost digital signage
  • Agencies will be able to plan their campaigns more easily and platform independently and to integrate digital signage much easier


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Ticketing at trade fairs – FairMate integrates Passbook

passbook-logoThe visitor management solution FairMate by dimedis now integrates Passbook, adding another option to its list of supported ticket formats. FairMate is one of the first B2B solutions to offer Passbook integration. FairMate is used by trade fair companies all over the world, all of which can now offer their visitors this new service. Passbook, developed by Apple, is a convenient way to bundle tickets, vouchers and boarding cards all in one place. With Passbook, dimedis extends the list of possible ways for ticket verification through FairMate, adding to the already existing possibilities of self-printed tickets and tickets via email or text message. With PassWallet, a Passbook compatible solution is available for Android devices as well.


Ticket sale with FairMate and Passbook

Klaus Friedrich Meier, Division Manager Exhibitions at dimedis, about the introduction of Passbook tickets for FairMate:

MEIER - FOTO 2 (2)

Klaus Friedrich Meier

„Integrating Passbook with FairMate has numerous other advantages, such as the easy addition of public transport tickets, accurate insights about who uses Passbook and how, and detailed statistics available for further analysis. With Passbook and PassWallet, the FairMate mobile shop makes ticket sales and verification a simple and quick affair.“

Passbook and mobile shops for trade fairs

UFI Open Seminar in Malmö: FairMate presents the new business case with Stockholmsmässan for the first time


UFI is the worldwide association for the fair business. Many relevant topics are discussed in regular meetings and conferences to promote the business. This will be the case in Malmö, too. Between 17 and 19 June the representatives of all European trade fair companies will attend the UFI Open Seminar in Malmö to discuss the trends and developments within the market. That is an ideal moment to showcase the newest project by dimedis. Besides the fact that dimedis is one of the sponsors of UFI Malmö, the general manager Wilhelm Halling and the division manager exhibition solutions Klaus Friedrich Meier are keen to have an intensive discussion about topics like visitor management and admission tools for fairs and events. Both invite the participants to learn more about FairMate and the current business case of Stockholmsmässan.


The newest FairMate project with Stockholmsmässan


Copyright: Stockholmsmässan/ Fotograf Om Bilden

The current FairMate project was developed together with Stockholmsmässan after an intense collaboration with many challenges. Stockholmsmässan has modernised its visitor management infrastructure and with the start of the upcoming trade fair Formex FairMate goes full steam ahead. Users may register online and buy tickets for Formex from the FairMate online shop. Formex visitors now are able to use touchscreen service stations to register on site. At Formex, Stockholmsmässan will use FairMate cash points, FairMate Compact and additional mobile handheld scanners for admission. „The cooperation between dimedis and Stockholmsmässan is really intense and includes many departments. We are very happy to see that FairMate was part of the modernisation process to improve the visitor management. FairMate delivers a complete and broad solution integrating registration, ticketing, on site solutions like cash points, self check-in and admission control and in addition tools and statistics for better target marketing. A lot of energy went into this project and we are glad and thankful that we could develop and introduce new features and improvements for FairMate together with our partner Stockholmsmässan“, says Henrik Tonn-Eichstädt, project manager FairMate at dimedis GmbH. 92 touchscreen service stations on site allow for fast and simple self check-in. Stockholmsmässan decided to install 40 FairMate cash points and 10 FairMate Compact to manage the admission. Handheld scanners allow fast, flexible and unrestricted mobile use at any location and are a good addition to the FairMate Compacts.

FairMate Compact im Einsatz

FairMate Compact

New features with the start of Formex

For the Stockholmsmässan project, dimedis has extended the functions of FairMate in many ways. Exhibitors and visitors of the future events, starting with the Formex trade fair, will see new features like new online exhibitor services where exhibitors can register their booth staff, manage invitations and use FairMate’s mobile services like the Lead Tracker App. Furthermore the payment with credit cards at the FairMate cash points is easier and safer than ever thanks to optimized communication between the FairMate system and the card terminal. Fairmate PoS-terminals integrate with the latest standard card terminals ensuring safe and secure card payments.  Stockholmsmässan will invest more to expand the capacity of the FairMate system and to manage all their fairs with FairMate in the future.


Helena Nilsson (Stockholmsmässan)

”We have chosen FairMate because we have understood the advantages of having control over the visitor data from beginning to end, from registration to badge production to admission on site. We can use this data to improve our fairs and to attract the relevant target groups. The functionality that FairMate offers helps us improve our service to satisfy both exhibitors‘ and visitors‘ needs” says Helena Nilsson, marketing & communications director at Stockholmsmässan.




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Soccer champions count on kompas


Copyright BVB

From now on, German soccer champion Borussia Dortmund will be using kompas, the tried and tested digital signage solution by dimedis, for guided stadium tours. 20 displays placed at key locations around the stadium can be controlled via remote to show anything from general photo and video loops to more specific, individual content during tours. In addition, kompas will also be used for the promotion of special offers in the fan shop. Reasons for the BVB’s adoption of the award-winning digital signage system include the opportunity to adapt a more visual and emotional way to communicate with fans and visitors and the ability to combine static elements like photos and videos with dynamic content such as Twitter feeds, weather news and public transport timetables.


kompas at the BVB fan shop

Wilhelm Halling, founder and managing director of Cologne-based company dimedis, is enthusiastic about the cooperation with Borussia Dortmund:

„The BVB is a very special customer. For us as a software company, it is a great distinction to have been selected by the reigning German soccer champion. There is a great deal of potential for digital signage in a stadium environment and we are proud to be the ones providing a solution for the popular stadium tours. kompas is suited ideally for fast and easy distribution of content across a network such as this one.“

The cooperation between the BVB and dimedis is still growing: Additional kompas displays are already planned for the stadium and hospitality areas.


Digital Signage supports retail

As the BVB’s stadium and event manager, Philip Hartmanis is responsible for the club’s digital signage project. When asked about his choice for kompas as the winning solution, he had this to say:

„We chose kompas because it is intuitive to use and based on web technologies. It does not require any kind of special software to be installed and can be accessed directly from the browser. The interactive features are another plus: It is easy to control kompas via remote or even with a smartphone. This allows us to show individual content on demand, for example during guided tours in different languages. The templates offered by kompas enable us to create content based on our CI and the software is stable and reliable. We are looking forward to offering our fans and visitors more information and entertainment than ever before!“

More information about the BVB guided stadium tours
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kompas and dimedis logos
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